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Full Name : Martua Derby Romero Nainggolan
Alternative Name : Derby Romero, Derbi Romeo, Deby Romero, Derby Romeo
Nickname : Sadam
Born/ Tanggal Lahir : Jakarta, 8 Juni 1990
Father's Name : Igor Nainggolan
Mother's Name : Nita Tanuwijaya
Religion : Kristen Protestan
Zodiac/Bintang : Gemini
Occupation : Actor, Singer, Atlet Anggar
Education : Paramadina University, majoring Law Hukum Notariat
Hobby : Otomotif, basketball, skateboarding, anggar
Favorite Books : Comics
Favorite Movies : Petualangan Sherina, Janus Prajurit Terakhir, 28 Weeks later, 300, HEROES, Godfather Trilogy
Favorite Music : Azzidodabass, Limp Bizkit, Spiller, Shaggy, Rock and Dance
Favorite TV Show : MTV Pimp My Ride

Derby Romero (born 8 June 1990; age 18 years) is the Brazil. This is known after the play in the film Adventure Sherina. Derby Romero is a Protestant also had a role in the film Last Janus soldiers.

In addition akting in the world, the actors who are still studying in the faculty of law, the fortune in the world menjajal pull votes. With menggandeng Iras Dollaren, she formed Duo Derby and launched its first single, "Gelora Asmara." This song became a soundtrack of the sinetron dibintanginya, pupa.

Derby Romero Dan Pacar?? Hmm...


  • Petualangan Sherina (2000)
  • Janus: Prajurit Terakhir (2003)


  • Kepompong (2008)

Film televisi

  • FTV Minggu (RCTI) / 2008 (prod. MNC Pictures)


  • Fantasiana (Trans TV) / 2002

Foto Christian Sugiono Telanjang Dada Bugil : Cowok Seksi


Name : Christian Sugiono
Nick : Tian, Sugi
Born (Tanggal Lahir): February 25, 1981
Height (Tinggi) : 187 cm
Zodiac : Pisces
Religion : Islam
Profession : Actor, Model

Christian Sugiono (born in Jakarta, 25 February 1981; age 28 years; nickname: Tian) is a model and film actor, sinetron, ads, and from Indonesia. His name is known around the public in 2005 after the film star Note End School and several films, such as Singles, and others. They film in the World, Christian incoming actors nominated commendable version Bandung Film Festival. [1] And also on the Panasonic Award 2007, nominated as actor Christian terfavorit.

Career started in the entertainment world since the Christian high school. He difoto the first time for the annual O Magazine in 1997, and continues to be fashion models, catwalk, and become actors in some ads and video clips.

During the study in Hamburg, Christian, so he called, more focused on the study and writing coverage for various concerts published on MTV Trax magazine in Indonesia.

Upon return from Germany (2006), he again was active in the profession before. Debutnya is it a role as actors in the film "deceptive stratagem Right Left (100 Lies to Hide a Wife)," a wide-screen film production in Malaysia that Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, [Singapore], and India. In this film became the main Christian, with a pair Titi Kamal. In addition to players from Indonesia, the film also stars scattered from Malaysia with the kru's largest film industry in Asia, Bollywood, India.

Akting addition, Christian also holds 3 renowned brand icon, the Close Up (2006 - present), Gatsby (2008), and Hewlett Packard (2008).

Not only on the big screen, Tian melakoni also a number of roles in sinetron. Playing in the run chase each sinetron, Alisa, Tian compete with the role of young artists and Alyssa Soebandono Nia ramadhani.

Foto Biodata Arifin Putra: Cowok Seksi Indo Bule


Arifin Putra (born 1 May 1987; age 21 years) is that the young artist's career in some sinetron, and through its role in sinetron Senandung Puber period, the more his name bounced. Arifin also a finalist MTV VJ Hunt 2003 ssat himself aged 16 years, but my degree is in the fall Mananta Daniel. After that bid also began filtering in, like a model video clip love story sung in the school by Chrisye and make it ditawari to play in sinetron entitled the same.

Men bloody Germany this hobby is playing Go Karting [1]. And beginning in 2008 he played in the film Lost in Love which is the film's sekuel Eiffel I'm in Love. However, in a previous film by dibintangi Shandy Aulia and Samuel Rizal, sekuelnya in this role he was with Richard and Kevin Pevita Eileen Pearce.


  • Srikandi
  • Senandung Masa Puber
  • Kisah Kasih di Sekolah 1 & 2
  • Manusia Bodoh
  • Khayalan Tingkat Tinggi
  • Kau Masih Kekasihku
  • Mawar

Foto Biodata Irwansyah Cowok Ganteng Indonesia


Irwansyah (born in Jakarta, 6 March 1985; age 24 years) are the actors of a religious body of Islam bertinggi and 177 cm. Who has ever dibintanginya include Senandung Puber period and my t'lah Due Cinta.Ia is also a singer, which carries the song that had become a hit Lovers of the Women's.

Irwansyah name since he became famous in the film playing in 2006 with Heart Acha Septriasa which then had been the kekasihnya.

Success brings soundtrack songs that he perankan, make sure Irwansyah issued solo albums perdananya. In June 2008 he issued an album with the title "Soliter" with the main track, Wait for Me Jandamu.

Place in the 2009 elections, Irwansyah forward as candidates for the legislative Partai Indonesia Sejahtera.