Andika Pratama Biodata Biografi Foto Cakep

Full Name : Dimas Kahlil Sudoyo Beck
Alternative Name : Dimas Kahlil Beck, Dimas Sudoyo Becks
Nickname : Dimas Beck
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 8 Mei 1988
Father's Name : Sharif Beck
Mother's Name : Ida Sudoyo (got stroke cerebrovascular disease)
Height : 182 cm
Weight : 67 kgs
Zodiak : Taurus
Relationship : Vianka
Brother : Dan Beck
Sister : Dewi Beck
Occupation : Actor, Model, Singer, VJ
Education : SD Tadika Puri, SD Cita Buana Jagakarsa, SD Tarakanita 2 Barito, SMA Lab School
Commercial Ad for : A&W

Because of the charges in the film role PUNK IN LOVE garapan director Ody C Harahap, Andhika Pratama kurusan more visible than usual. During the workshop syuting film and he was forced not to eat heavy food.

"Lean like this happens so punk feel," I have found in the press junkit film production in the Multivision Belleza, Wednesday (27 / 5).To make the body more lean, Andhika confess that get support from close friends. But the involvement of Ussy Sulistiawaty, actors origin Malang avoid this impression. Because during this Ussy easy to lose weight. "If the case for surely positive, but I do not know the problem," he said.

Andhika Pratama become one of the young artists who are satisfied with the professional actors. He can be a hobby, while realizing that dream is diidam-idamkan before.

Andhika is one of the latest movie in the works Nayato Fio Nuala, entitled Butterfly. Not only a role, even Andhika berduet with Jimmy Bondoc render the film soundtrack.

"I akting in this film, is not something new because I already started through the first sinetron. Akting is a hobby I. Whereas, singing has become a dream since I first," said Andhika, found that when the gala Premiere Butterfly at Djakarta Theater, Road MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday (5/12/2007).

Before the Butterfly, the man with the full name Andhika Pratama Subagio this role as a children's band and sing songs in the film soundtrack album Love is Love, who dibintangi Irwansyah and Acha Septriasa.

Cowok Gay Bandung Imut Cakep Bugil Telanjang

Bandung Boys are handsome. and Bandung City is the capital of West Java province. This city at the time of first known as Parijs van Java (Dutch) or "Paris of Java". Because the plateau is located in Bandung is known as a cool place packed. This makes the Bandung as one of the city's tourist destinations. While the existence of the country's universities and many private universities in Bandung make this city known as one of the city's students in Indonesia.

Doni Indrawan than professional actors also penetrated into the music world as performers. However, to sing songs beraliran Malay, Andhika volens. "Nggak deh," he said. Andhika Pratama than professional actors also penetrated into the music world as performers. However, to sing songs beraliran wilt, Andhika volens. "Nggak deh. Jujur aja gue nggak suka Malay songs. Lagian not I taste," he said when detikhot found in Eurocafe, Belezza, Permata Hijau, on Wednesday .
Foto Cowok Indonesia

Name : Doni Indrawan
Born : Bandung, 5 Mei 1990
Doni, si anakbandung

Bandung boys travel agent in INdonesia, With that firmly Andhika berujar Malay music memnag not seleranya. However, it does not mean the music that is now low-rise middle leaf in the Indonesian music industry. "Perhaps the time is not soul I do. But I do not want nge-judge, if the Malay music is ugly or less weight. But I do not like," he said again.

Cowok Bali 17th Bugil diFoto Bule


Yumm.. Delicious!!
So Gay!!

Sorry di Sensor!!

There is also no easy way to do smth so derivative bule, if aja susah What clothes size. Here is the size for Asian people. Continue if the roads in Bali dimahalin also like the price, mentang-indo I mentang face, "augment him when found in the Brew & Co., Cilandak Town Square, Jl TB. Simatupang, South Jakarta, Wednesday (19/3/2008).

Not just a matter of clothes, the descendants of bule also often become incaran immigration. Like artists such as the Rianti Cartwrirght Wednesday (19/3/2008) examined this in relation to the immigration status of nationality.

Christian Sugiono German descent who was not escape from the shooting and the infotainment reporters question concerning the status of citizens and work permits. But movie stars' Singles' it does not choose a long-winded.

"Wah gue deh no comment concerning it," tukas become a star like a toothpaste ad bersam the Rianti.

Dion Wiyoko : Si Cowok Indo Bugil Biodata

Dion Wiyoko, the Indonesian star, drive the car from the Pondok Indah area to the City. In the vicinity of Jalan Thamrin I feel there is something wrong with my car tire. I do not dare stop because I am alone and remember rawannya of Jakarta. Fortunately, at approximately 20:30, in the vicinity of Jalan Medan Merdeka, there is a police car menyusuli car and point to a broken tire and told me push the car.

Name : Dion Wiyoko
Birth Date/lahir: Surabaya , May 3, 1984
Profession: Model, Actor

Dion Wiyoko Bugil

Modeling/Foto Shoot
  • Cosmopolitan, Hai, Soap, Femina
  • DaMan Magazine (edisi Oktober 2008)
  • Prodo Magazine edisi Januari 2009 (2008)
  • For Men Magazine edisi Februari 2009
  • Show Levi’s (2008)
  • Man Manual Cosmopolitan edisi Maret 2009

With both the police accompanied and assisted by people around to change the tire I can finally continue the journey. Through the mail reader, the saga is very grateful to Mr. Bripda Irvan Nur Hajj and Bripda Wawan Hermawan (members sat patwal ditlantas pmj), which has helped me and to provide concrete examples of the security apparatus that standby ready to serve the community without profit. Hopefully this case can change the image of police in society.

Cowok Paling Ganteng Indonesia

  • Matahari Print Ad (2006)
  • Senayan City Advertorial (2007)
  • Levi’s Catalog (2007)
  • Summarecon Serpong Company Profile (2008)
  • Filler Studio 21 (2008)
  • Matahari Katalog edisi Imlek (2008)
  • Sprite Zero Print Ad, Billboard ( 2009)
  • Fren Mobile-8 , Duta/icon Fren(2009)
The new Indonesian actor, Dion Wiyoko,
Dion Wiyoko in Batik