Dion Wiyoko : Si Cowok Indo Bugil Biodata

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Dion Wiyoko, the Indonesian star, drive the car from the Pondok Indah area to the City. In the vicinity of Jalan Thamrin I feel there is something wrong with my car tire. I do not dare stop because I am alone and remember rawannya of Jakarta. Fortunately, at approximately 20:30, in the vicinity of Jalan Medan Merdeka, there is a police car menyusuli car and point to a broken tire and told me push the car.

Name : Dion Wiyoko
Birth Date/lahir: Surabaya , May 3, 1984
Profession: Model, Actor

Dion Wiyoko Bugil

Modeling/Foto Shoot
  • Cosmopolitan, Hai, Soap, Femina
  • DaMan Magazine (edisi Oktober 2008)
  • Prodo Magazine edisi Januari 2009 (2008)
  • For Men Magazine edisi Februari 2009
  • Show Levi’s (2008)
  • Man Manual Cosmopolitan edisi Maret 2009

With both the police accompanied and assisted by people around to change the tire I can finally continue the journey. Through the mail reader, the saga is very grateful to Mr. Bripda Irvan Nur Hajj and Bripda Wawan Hermawan (members sat patwal ditlantas pmj), which has helped me and to provide concrete examples of the security apparatus that standby ready to serve the community without profit. Hopefully this case can change the image of police in society.

Cowok Paling Ganteng Indonesia

  • Matahari Print Ad (2006)
  • Senayan City Advertorial (2007)
  • Levi’s Catalog (2007)
  • Summarecon Serpong Company Profile (2008)
  • Filler Studio 21 (2008)
  • Matahari Katalog edisi Imlek (2008)
  • Sprite Zero Print Ad, Billboard ( 2009)
  • Fren Mobile-8 , Duta/icon Fren(2009)
The new Indonesian actor, Dion Wiyoko,
Dion Wiyoko in Batik


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