Foto Bugil Krisna Mukti Telanjang Dada Biodata seksi

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Stars ads and sinetron Krisna Mukti hoodoo struck down again. After a love letter in the infotainment show, now photo bugil Krisna similar circulating on the internet.

In the photo seen a man of a certain kind of breast feather pose similar Krisna Mukti. In posenya he sat wear clothing without any sehelai. Men's lift one foot while holding the tool kelaminnya.

Krisna Mukti dimintai confirmation that the image problem, the seemed cuek. "Biarin aja deh, nggak mikirin" he said detikhot even when contacted by phone on Wednesday (14/1/2009).

Stars dish soap ads that assume that the image of engineering. "Well the technology is developed, the image is also palingan engineering results," augment him.

Do not worry Krisna imejnya ugly? Wait for further news.