Cowok Ganteng Jepang main di Kamar Mandi

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cowok ganteng jepang japan

After one month on the campus in Japan want to taste berbaur with the people and the local students here. But I still do .... ngerasa different views after the fact-see cowok2 and Japanese students here have a special appearance and behavior that distinguish the foreigners.

The following tips so students imitate Japan. Figures such as that shown in the picture. But for those interested in this course .... : D I will also think think ...

Cat hair you with a golden yellow color. I lack a brown cat also gapapa. Colors such as this very popular among students here. But I temen2 in my lab are all the items. Once I get to their "natural is good .." .. ah ngga seru ... Pakelah make up. Waw ... cowok2 grooming here I like ya ... : D once again not in my lab: D. in the lab anak2nya kumuh2 also: D. Said a senior, cowok2 here like a lip glouse (?) Are alisnya be shaven ... I liat sih dorama2 in the course ... That it would make enough to buy a grooming cosmetics MEdia Net form (flip) only ...