Biodata Foto Afgan Syah Reza Cowok Indonesia

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Full Name : Afgan Syah Reza
Nickname : Afgan
Place / Date of birth (Tanggal Lahir) : Jakarta, 27 Mei 1989
Father's Name : Loyd Yahya
Mother's Name : Lola Purnama
Religion/Agama : Islam
Height /Tinggi : 168 cm
Zodiak : Gemini
Hobby : Music, Movies, Piano, Fitness, Swimming

Wear : Jeans, Tshirt
Food : Instant Noodle, Italian Food
Music : Jazz, RnB

* SMA 34 Senior High School, Jakarta
* University of Indonesia, Jakarta - majoring Economic

1. Most Favourite Male MTV Indonesia Award 2008
2. Artist Of The Year MTV Indonesia Award 2008

1. Confession No.1 (2008)

Afgan grew up in the middle of the family who like to enjoy the music. Even former students of Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia in this since middle school is often didaulat to sing as though ditampiknya always ashamed. His career started when with friends visiting WannaB Instant Recording Studio. This in the studio and recorded them singing in the CD collection to private. Outside the Afgan terpantau was alleged by the producer WannaB directly menawarinya recordings. At first he was unsure, but eventually also receive and direct sign in the kitchen he was recording. In fact the first album by the audience and able to occupy the highest position on the ladder track hit radio and television leading Indonesia. 2009 Afgan start menjajal capabilities in the film world. However, because there is still doubt the ability aktingnya he only dares to play as himself (Cameo) the big screen in the film titled "No Ordinary Love" is the main newcomer Olivia Jensen. In this film Afgan also contribute a song as the soundtrack with the title song with the same title of the film.

Afgan pernah digosipkan pacaran dengan Thalita Latief, Tyas Mirasih, Eva Celia Latjuba dan juga Arumi.