Foto Biodata Ariel Peterpan Bugil Telanjang

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Full Name : Nazril Irham
Nickname : Ariel
Place / Date of birth (Tanggal Lahir) : Pangkalan Brandan, 16 September 1981
Wife's Name : Sarah Amalia (divorced 27 Mei 2008)
Religion : Islam
Zodiak : Virgo
Hobby : Sports

Food : Everything

Nazril Irham or more popular with the call Ariel (born in Great BRANDAN, 16 September 1981; age 27 years) is an Indonesian singer who is a vocalist from the group peterpan music. Ariel is the youngest child of 3 brothers. Childless widower this one was one of the popular music group Peterpan and served as the vocalist in the pop rock group band asal Bandung is. Ariel also was a student majors Architecture Parahyangan University, Bandung.

Ariel had married Sarah Amalia, but now has been divorced. Together with Sarah, he was named Alleia anata daughter. Ariel official divorce with Sarah on 27 May 2008.

After officially becoming widower, Ariel back pretty close to the artist Luna Maya. In addition to career in the music world, now a star Ariel ads. He became a model Sunsilk ad model with Amy Lee. Proximity Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan not mere fabrication. But both are still red-faced as it reveals their relationship to the good together.

According to Luna, she does not want to mengumbar proximity to the former husband to Sarah Amelia public. The reason, the film stars 30 Day Search for Love if you do not want this relationship to be ended in the middle of the road. For that, Luna prefer to do it well.

"Now that I often foreverglo to Ariel. Cuma aja music for the affair. Ngerti He is the music that matter," said Luna. The reason, women cheap senyum middle ready to develop this ability in the world pull the vote. "If spelled serious, I have not. I think the singing takes courage, it takes something that really we are sure to do so," the story of Luna.

2002 Year
* Rookie of the Year 2002 versi Majalah Hai

2004 Year
* Group Pendatang Baru Terngetop SCTV Music Award
* Triple Platinum Album Taman Langit
* Rekor MURI – Konser 6 Kota 24 Jam - 18 Juli 2004

Luna denies journey to penetrate the world pull this sound mendompleng pelantun a Clear Day tembang this. Although the decline if he does not provide enough inputs Ariel soal music. "I know enggak so, whether he supports or not. But, if help is sure to help. Enggak But I know that because he works so he works. I do me. Enggak We had a finger in the pie," deception is the birth of Denpasar, Bali, 26 August 1983 this. (ang)


ayu said...

Cepetan donk rilis album terbaru... dan jangan cuma ngomong cepet ganti nama peterpan...

sahril said...

peterpan go go go go..