Cowok Gay Brondong Seksi Keturunan Cina-Singapore-Menado SUka Telanjang

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Manado City or Menado is a city in the province of North Sulawesi is also the capital city of the province. Position is located Manado in northern Sulawesi island. Motto of this city is Timou Tumou Si tou tou, a philosophy of life that people Minahasa dipopulerkan by Sam Ratulangi, which means: "Human life for the people" or "the life of another person." In the expression language Manado, often said: "Baku backing Pande", which means harafiah "Sharing add smart [people]."

Name: Andi Santoso
Born: February 7, 1986
Ethnic : INdonesia -singapore

Indonesia, menado travel agents. The area is surrounded by mountains and therefore is familiar with the cool air. Cowok Cina Manado is also the beach persisnya Sulawesi Sea in the Gulf of Manado. Bunaken Island is located not far from the coast of Manado.

Manado city estimated to have inhabited since the tenth century-16. According to history, is also the century, the area and has been known by people from overseas. The name "Manado" start in the year 1623 is used instead the name "Pogidon" or "handed". Manado word itself comes from the Minahasa region that is rou Mana Mana or dou in the Indonesian language means "on the remote." In the year also, land of Minahasa Manado start-known and popular among the people of Europe with the earth. This is recorded in historical documents.



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