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Christiano Ronaldo is a soccer player who can play with both feet, Which he can play anywhere: right, left or through the middle. This resulted in Ronaldo colleagues and fellow soccer players in Manchester United Ryan Giggs can exchange positions.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a great technical ability. In addition to the movement of multi-step-over, he also developed many other abilities, making him very frisky and as a wing player that can not be predicted moves.

Cristiano Ronaldo has always been loved by the family since he was a kid, he always received support from his families in everything. He known that children always want to win. Idolize him in his school's football, he always have the intellect to be able to play football. If he does not find the ball, then he will make the ball roll of sock-friend temannya.Ia often beaten by teman2nya, because a larger teman2nya feel Dilecehkan by kemampuanya. He included a recalcitrant child and foolish in the lesson. But as the talent to play kick the bolanya extraordinary, let alone their parents and continue to support them to become soccer players.