Si Ganteng Vino G Bastian cinta Anjing

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Vino G Bastian loves dog? Do not ever try to bring a dog if you meet the actors vino G. Bastian. Why? Vino seemingly limitless akan jaga image.

Vino keep image (jaim) because he was afraid of dog. Fear in animals that dialaminya spiked sharply since small.When the child, the film stars' Radit & Jani 'it appears to have been bitten by a dog trying tote. Since the trauma of vino.

"Since then I antipati same dog. Pokoknya if there are gue jaim dog, I would like macem-macem," said the single birth Jakarta, 24 March 1982 was to detikhot in Belleza, Permata Hijau, West Jakarta has not been this long.

Sialnya residential complex vino very many dogs. Of course it is very merepotkkan movie stars' Punk in Love 'is. Moreover, it is actually quite ketakutannya prestige on the dog show to friends. "Sometimes the odor nunjukin I fear dogs. If what I have a dog, I will not come to her house," said the beloved director, UPI Avianto it.