Brondong Bule Spanyol Tukang Ngisep & Bugil

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Hot boy, Brondong Spanyol soap star got scolded his wife, Christy Jusung. It's Hengky garanya more often ask about another man who is now present in their marriage life. In Villa Bali, Indonesia. Another man was the child Hengky and Christy, who was born Star Primary February 13, 2009 then. Usually if you're shooting, Henky often asked how Star Christy. "Sometimes Christy with jealousy. He likes to say, mama do not ditanyain kok," said the soap star 'ABG' it when found after a shooting in Indosiar Happy Song, Jl. Daan Mogot, West Jakarta, Thursday.

The presence of Star, recognized Hengky really make life changed. For example, if he had lived lavishly, start saving now. Travel to phillipines, thailand. "Once when there was a new model HP direct buy, now udan not. Priority is more to the child," he concluded, Thailand. Travel to thailand.